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117 mph

295 miles w/ full charge

Electric motor

4 seater

Tesla Model X 100D

Starting at







100k sticker.

Autopilot/self-driving capability

Falcon wing doors

I pass is included

Tons of cool options to play with

⚡️Flip the switch to the other side with our

100D Long Range Plus fully loaded Model X

✅ 350 miles of extended range on a single charge on this unique long-range plus model. 

✅ Kiss the gas station expense goodbye.

✅ Your rental will start with the Tesla fully Charged. 

✅ You can also visit any of the many Tesla superchargers to charge your car in an hour, this typically costs $20-30 for a 350-mile charge, you can see the total on screen while you are charging, and we bill you after your trip ends. 

✅ These superchargers will charge the car up to 200 miles in 15 minutes, or 350 miles in an hour.

✅ Focus on your trip, Return the car without charging it free of charge😳. 

✅ Unlimited car washes at any Delta Sonic location.

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